DevelopmentArc @ Adobe Max 2009

This year James and I will be involved in three separate sessions at the Adobe Max conference in LA.   Adobe Max provides a collaborative arena for the communities of designers, developers, project managers, executives and any other project participators to gather and  share ideas, real-life experiences, theories, secrets, and best practices.  Over the past year DevelopmentArc has been involved in a wide variety of projects and we are excited to share our  experience with the community the best we can.   Below is breakdown of the three sessions we are involved in. Two involve a secret (shhhh) project that is to be released next Monday.  Follow James (@jamespolanco) or I (@aaronpedersen) on twitter and we will share as soon as we can.

Delivering Successful Flash Platform Projects (Monday, Oct 5th 11:30am - #adobemax181)

In this session we will be joined by co-author Doug Winnie of Adobe to discuss how during any project the planning phase is often times the most over looked and in most cases the most valuable.  We take you through a fictitious story of two companies as they collaborate on a project.  We plan to highlight exactly why planning when not overlooked, can start a project off on the right foot and actually cost the development team less time, money and resources to complete.

Workflows for the Flash Platform (Monday, Oct 5th 5pm - #adobemax286)

We are joining Doug Winnie again to discuss Flash Platform Workflows. Doug is an expert on the subject and spends most of his days working with various product teams within Adobe trying to enhance the workflow process between applications.  Doug will breakdown the workflow process and demonstrate some very cool and new technologies.

Bird of a Feather (Wednesday, Oct 7th 12:oopm - 1:30pm)

Again joining Mr. Winnie, James and I will be sharing our experiences with whom ever will listen.  We will explain, answer questions about the workflow we used in developing the secret application using Adobe's soon-to-be released Flex 4 SDK, Flash Builder 4, and Flash Catalyst technologies.  The project had a quick turn around and a small team.  Because of these constraints we employed a modified workflow that leverages Flex 4's Spark Skinning Architecture along with an unconventional use of Flash Catalyst to enhance a developer-drive workflow. Come by and say hi.

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